THE LOOK: Beautiful Brows

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our eyebrows are the frames.  A good set of brows can really change your face by adding strength and definition to features.  They can also take years off – cheaper and less painful than a face lift!  They can be funny things and freak people out if they are not used to having anything done to them as brows have the power to really change the face.  Lou won’t leave the house without hers on!

If you have never shaped your brows and are a bit unsure of what to do, why not treat yourself and go to a professional to get you started.  Or we love Parissa’s ‘Guide To Beautiful Brows’, found inside the Brow Shaper mini wax strips kit, this help sheet is brilliant.  It shows you how and where to shape your brows with lots of easy to follow diagrams and tips – like the one shown here.  The actual wax strips are great too, quick and simple to use.  We like to tweeze the longer hairs then use the strips to whip away all the little hard to get ones, leaving brows lovely and preened.  Parissa is a natural hair removal system with lots of eco-values and something for all body areas!

Once you have a good shape you can tweak and strengthen them more using a pencil or powder. We are currently giving ours attention with UNE Beauty’s eyebrow pencil (which comes in an impressive six shades) and Jane Iredale’s Bitty Brow Kit.  Choose your colour wisely, anything too dark can end up weighing the eyes down as can a heavy hand.

Groomed brows will polish your look, you’ll wonder how you did without them!


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