THE LOOK: Red Lips

While writing a piece for EggMag on natural hair dyes, I came across a very interesting statistic – in times of financial hardship it is said that the two things women will not do without is hair dye and lipstick.  Not surprising really, they are both key products that can instantly change your look without breaking the bank.  A bright lip can brighten any outfit and they were everywhere on the spring/summer runways so an easy way to look up-to-date. I have also spied a few on the autumn/winter runways so would last you a few seasons for sure!

I have been wearing a red lip recently in a bid to brighten my wardrobe of black and grey, and it works a treat.  They don’t call it a power lip for nothing; a strong red lip can boost your confidence, admittedly it can take a bit of courage the first time, but it will definitely help you stand out and be noticed.  The FDA’s recent study that revealed lead was still found in 400 lipsticks currently on the market is worrying – see Imelda’s last post to read more –  but as she says, we don’t have to forego our easy injection of style and colour.  Choosing natural brands is a way to help limit your exposure to unwanted contaminants.  My favourite reds include ones from Elysambre, Couleur Caramel and Ilia.

Images – YSL s/s12 , Jean Paul Gaultier s/s12 from


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