Review: Balance Me Skin Brightening Exfoliating Body Polish

During the summer months with more skin on show, our bodies tend to get a lot more care and attention.  However as the winter months creep in and the jumpers are piled on, that care and attention can slip.  Hot showers, central heating and cold weather can play havoc with our skin, so we really should be looking after it just as well, even if it is covered up.  I know I am guilty of skipping things like body brushing and exfoliating, especially on a dark morning in a cold bathroom.  However, when I do do it, I always see the difference and think to myself I should do this more often.

Balance Me’s Skin Brightening Exfoliating Body Polish is one product that I always come back to, summer and winter.  The spearmint smell is amazing, it leaves you and your bathroom smelling very fresh and minty!  Use it on dry skin for a tougher scrub or use it in the shower on damp skin for a gentler exfoliation.  Sea salt does the polishing while sweet almond oil and coconut oil nourish and lock in moisture.  They do such a good job of moisturising that you don’t need to use a separate moisturiser afterwards, saving time and for me, a bit more of an incentive to do it!

Balance Me


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