Review: Melvita Eye Make-up Remover

In my opinion this is the best eye make-up remover ever!  Strong words but I really do like it.  It is a staple in my kit and always a favourite with my clients.

It is great at the end of a long day or shoot – used on a cotton pad it removes all make-up with ease without stripping or pulling sensitive skin around the eye and leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable.  If you are wearing a lot of make-up try holding the pad against your eye for a little bit to help soften the make-up making removal even easier.  It has lots of nice ingredients so good for the lashes and things like that.

It also perfect for make-up changes if you are going straight out after work or doing different looks on a shoot.  There is no oily residue so you can go straight back over with your new look.

Use it on a cotton bud to perfect liquid liner or erase any little mistakes.  Also brilliant on a cotton bud to perfect your red lipstick.

I even found that it removes black eyeshadow from carpet – you might want to take my word on this one but good to know in case of emergencies……!


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