Review: Aveda Tinted Moisturiser

At the moment this is the most used foundation in my kit.  It is very lightweight so doesn’t clog or look heavy on the skin. I apply it with a foundation brush and then blend with my fingers to smooth and even out the skintone.  It is a very sheer formulation but you can build the coverage a little bit.  I don’t like using heavy coverage foundations, I love the look of natural skin which can be easily lost if heavy bases are used.  I use lightweight foundations even on problematic skin – heavier textures can make skin look worse than what it actually is.  I love tinted moisturisers to give the skin a nice glow and then I’ll work with concealers to cover any blemishes – that way you only have the coverage where needed rather than the make-up covering all of the healthy skin as well.

This is a great tip from the amazing make-up artist Alex Box from the July issue of Elle for a natural skin look –

‘Apply foundation, leaving the apples of your cheeks bare (a sideways egg shape with the narrower tip pointing towards your ears).  Then, when you’re finished, buff the edges around those patches so there are no hard lines.  The areas left free of colour will naturally pop and add a subtle balance to your face, and because it’s your own skin colour, it’ll be your most flattering shade.’

I am a big believer in only putting foundation where you need it, I like skin to look like skin, not foundation.  I’m sure you would rather be told that your skin looks lovely rather than your foundation looks lovely!

The Aveda Tinted Moisturiser is oil free but it still leaves the skin nice and dewy, just dust down with powder if you want a matter finish.  It has a reasonable range of colours, ranging from quite a pale shade to Bark which is quite deep.  I find the sheerness of it allows it to work with many different skin tones though.  It has a mineral sunscreen of spf 15 which is great if you are wearing it out and about in town.

I am a fan of the Aveda make-up range, some may argue they are not as natural or as ‘clean’ as others, but they are doing their bit.  Such as increasing their use of green ingredients and working with communities across the globe to make sure the ingredients are produced in the right way; not just for the environment, but for everyone involved in the making, and the using of their products.  They are also working a lot with recycled and refillable packaging and renewable energy to name but a few things.  One thing I am very pleased about is that they do not test on animals, despite being owned by Estee Lauder, Aveda are still on Peta’s good list of companies.  Long may that stay.



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