Fairtrade Fortnight – Monday 25th to Sunday 10th March

Monday saw the start of Fairtrade Fortnight with many events going on up and down the country to highlight and promote the importance of Fairtrade.  Buying Fairtrade items can make a big difference to workers and farmers across the globe by ensuring they get the correct money for their work or harvest, along with key things like better working conditions.  As a consumer we have the power to help these people just by choosing our products carefully.

When I was in India in January I was lucky enough to see what some of the premiums from the Fairtrade cotton do to help the local community.  We visited a school and met the local children who otherwise might not have the opportunity to study or would have to travel much further afield.  We also saw a clean water project, providing hundreds of families with clean, fresh water, something we take for granted over here.

Fairtrade Fortnight is about encouraging people to pick up and try Fairtrade products, and there has never been so much choice.  Coffee, tea, bananas and chocolate are probably some of the most well known but there really is loads on offer.  Even just switching one of your regular purchases to Fairtrade can make a difference and it will also show supermarkets and other big stores that there is a demand for it and hopefully encourage them to do more.

There are many options now in the beauty side of things – of course Fairtrade cotton pads but also many creams and lotions.  More brands are starting to incorporate Fairtrade ingredients into their blends, here are a few of my favourites:

If you want to know anything about Fairtrade ask Dr Bronner!  Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap is at the forefront of it all using Fairtrade olive, coconut, palm and hemp Oil.  They are also certified as a company ensuring that their workers everywhere receive fair wages, benefits and working conditions.  Their soap is pretty good too, I took mine on holiday and it served as a shower gel and a clothes wash – look on the bottles for over 100 other suggestions.

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The Body Shop is another brand who knows a fair thing about Fairtrade.  Their well sourced ingredients include aloe, hemp, paper, shea, honey, and tea tree.  I was given the Earth Lovers Fig and Rosemary Shower Gel for Christmas and it is lovely, the smell is gorgeous. Community Fairtrade aloe vera is the goodie in this one.



Lush have a nice selection to choose from.  The Fairtrade Foot Lotion is made from Fairtrade organic shea butter along with arnica and mint to soothe tired feet.  The Atomic Toothy Tabs are packed full of Fairtrade ingredients including clove, ginger, organic cardamom, organic cinnamon and white pepper powder.  Interesting and worth a try!




Neal’s Yard Remedies are using Fairtrade brazil nut oil in their Power Berry Daily Moisturiser, it is also in the Sensual Jasmine range along with Fairtrade honey.  Lots of nice ways to incorporate Fairtrade into our beauty regime – as if we needed an excuse to buy something new!




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