Product of the week – Ilia Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang

I love a bright lip.  I love doing them on shoots and I love it when I see girls wearing bright colours out and about on the street.  I’m always recommending it to people – wear a bright lip, anyone can wear colour and it will instantly lift your face or change your outfit.  Why then why, do I not do it myself??  However much I love bright lipstick, I still don’t put it on me.  However, that is changing with my new resolution, I am going to take a dose of my own medicine and wear bright lips!

ilia1 copya

A little easing in is required, something I quite often recommend as well – try a bright gloss first you’ll often hear me say if trying to convince someone to wear a red for example.  My easing in comes in the form of Ilia’s Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang.  It is a sheer red that is bright enough for all to see, but not a full on block of colour.  Application is easy, as is maintenance – having to regularly touch-up is something else that can stop me wearing colour.  You can apply Bang Bang straight from the bullet and don’t need to be as precise as you would with a denser colour.  It wears really well, almost a bit like a stain and you can reapply with ease like a gloss.

I’m doing well with the colour and liking it a lot.  Still working myself up the neon brights of spring although I do have Ilia’s Neon Angel ……. a bright pink that will definitely show.

Ilia is available at Content in the UK


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