Spring cleaning the kit….

The kit is having a spring clean – a dubious word to use seeing that as I started it was snowing outside, however technically speaking it is springtime so a good time for a freshen up.

First to be done is my lips bag – I go through phases of decanting lipsticks into palettes as they are great for mixing and seeing what you have.  There are also a lot that stay in their tube especially when they have nice packaging, I’m still trying to find the perfect way of organising them.

I find it extremely hard to throw things away as I’m sure a lot of people do, especially when there is still product left, the colour is nice, it cost x amount of money etc BUT it is really important because bacteria does fester, things go off and their performance is reduced. They also get quite heavy when carrying lots of them around and you can’t see what you’ve got, so use the same thing all the time anyway! How many pink lip glosses do I really need??

photo (14)

The nudes are first – I’ve managed to whittle them down to a reasonable amount – some of my favourites in here are Humble Me and Blossom Lady from Ilia, I also love Cava, a lilac beige from BITE Beauty and Vouray a soft pink.

I’ve also got a bag for reds and more vibrant colours. Hot pink is big this spring so I’ve got Wild Fuschia from Aveda, Neon Angel from Ilia, I’ve rediscovered Pomegranate from Beauty Without Cruelty and have an old favourite (in a palette, can’t remember the number) from Elysambre. For a classic matt red, my favourite for ages has been from Elysambre but it is coming to an end and I’m not sure what to do as I can’t find it anywhere!! Another blog post to explore I think…..

The OCC Lip Tars make my kit a bit more compact – they can be mixed to create different textures as well as different colours. A TINY bit goes a long way.  Anime is also perfect for the bright pink lips this season.

photo (12)

When I first started switching my kit it was the lip products that I started with on the thought that whatever you put on your lips, you’re inevitably ingesting. Remember that statistic that goes round, the average women eats 6lbs of lipstick over their lifetime, the amount differs from source to source, but an eye opener all the same. When I saw Horst Rechelbacher at the Natural and Organic Product Show he emphasised the importance of what we choose to put or not to put on our lips. Whatever we do put on them goes directly into the bloodstream, I can’t remember the exact technicalities of how or why but Horst’s opinion was extremely strong on it.  He believes all lip products have harmful ingredients such as heavy metals, minerals may be natural but not necessarily good natural.  He has lip glosses with fruit pigments that are clean enough to eat and he is trying to develop the range further.  Until then if we want to wear colour, which a lot of us do, (indeed my job depends on it!!) we can only do our best…

My lip bag is probably the ‘cleanest’ in my kit (not if Horst were to take a look I’m sure). However I think some products might have ended up in there because they were organic/natural rather than for their colour or performance.  As I went through them I found some weren’t quite up to the standard they should be – or perhaps technology is just getting better now.  Lots of organic and natural lipsticks have a shimmer which while sometimes it can be nice, it can also look dated.  I know it is harder to achieve but bright, matt, modern textures are needed to push eco-make-up forward; luckily for us it is starting to get that way with brands like Ilia, OCC and BITE Beauty concentrating on cool, high performance lip products but also green and ethical issues.



  1. 11th April 2013 / 1:16 pm

    Nice post! I Still have to try many of those brands (particularly Ilia!) but two I really love are Lily Lolo and Afterglow. The nicest, creamiest lipsticks I have. I looked at OCC as you’ve mentioned them before but sadly their products are full of nasty chemicals…

  2. Must Have Boxes
    11th April 2013 / 5:23 pm

    You have so much lip product! I love it. I have a hard time throwing make up away too.

    – KW

  3. loudartford
    11th April 2013 / 5:45 pm

    Thank you! I haven’t tried Lily Lolo’s or Afterglow so I will investigate! I know OCC aren’t the cleanest but they do tick the animal friendly box which is also important to me and gives me more options in my kit.

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