Dark circles be gone please!

I have always battled with dark circles under my eyes.  The fact it is hereditary and I am fair skinned doesn’t help, neither does getting older.  All these are out of my control I know, but they seem to be getting worse and I don’t like it!  I do use an eye cream, maybe I need to investigate this further, although I think it would take a pretty special cream to get rid of them completely!  I’m trying to drink more water – that old chestnut really does help apparently, I’m also cutting down my tea consumption and upping my greens.  Last year I had hayfever for the first time ever and have not been able to shake the eye allergy since. The hayfever has resurfaced this week and its got me thinking that there could be some relation between puffy, irritated eyes and my darkening rings. Maybe I have a chance to tackle them a bit with some good hayfever remedies….

Meanwhile, I’m having to up the ante with the make-up.  I bought Jane Iredale’s Circle/Delete #2 for the peach shade to help counteract the blue shadows.  Orange is opposite blue on the colour wheel for anyone who didn’t do art at school therefore anything orange/peach is brilliant for cancelling out blue and ideal for brightening tired eyes.  The concealer is quite creamy which is great for the thin skin under the eyes but it can crease, so powder is essential.  I have been layering products to help build coverage and longevity.  I use the peach first, followed by the colour it comes with (this is quite light so not suitable for all but the peach is great for a lot of skin tones) then a light dusting of powder – the rms UnPowder is great because it is so fine you can’t see it on the skin.  As it is so fine, I can then do another layer of the peach and the other colour and then powder again.  It goes against my general rule of creams on creams, powders on powders, but as the powder is so fine it can work.  Do it slowly in fine layers and it can really help to build coverage; be careful though, the last thing you want it is cakey concealer under your eyes making the issue appear worse.  To finish I apply some of Jane Iredale’s Active Light to help brighten and reflect light away from the offending area.  Don’t use too much of this, especially if you are having your photo taken as it can reflect too much giving the opposite effect of white rings.  I always put a bit on the outer and inner corners of my eye and then a few dots following the outside line of the shadow.

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  1. 26th April 2013 / 11:59 pm

    Used to have the same problem but discovered that often they are a sign of some food sensitivity or allergy. Mine went away when I cut out dairy…. and my allergies improved substantially too!

    • loudartford
      28th April 2013 / 9:58 am

      Wow, that’s really interesting thank you. I think mine are definitely allergy related now, but an allergy to what – that is the question!!

  2. loudartford
    1st May 2013 / 2:21 pm

    Check out my tips for disguising dark circles on the Content blog – http://bit.ly/ZVVCm6

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