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Hurrah summer is finally here, well we’ve had the hottest day of the year so far. You know it’s hot when your coconut oil is liquid! I’m not actually that great in the heat if I’m honest, I do prefer it a little cooler, I’m not complaining though I know we are long overdue some nice weather.

If like me you struggle a bit in the heat, here are some tips to help keep your make-up looking fresh whether you’re here for the summer or travelling to hotter climates.

The general rule is to lighten everything up texture wise. Use a lightweight moisturiser underneath your make-up such as Melvita’s Hydrating Facial Gel. When I worked in India with People Tree I used HydraStim (it’s not on their site but you might be able to find it in store), this is very lightweight and worked well in the heat.

If you normally use a creamy foundation try using a sheerer formulation. Tinted moisturisers are great for summer. I really like Aveda’s one, it is oil free and has an spf15. On really hot days try skipping foundation all together and use concealer just where you need it to even out your skin tone. If you can, go completely nude on the face (not forgetting spf though)  and just use a cream blush to lift and brighten.

If you do still want coverage, mineral powders are good for summer, they have good staying power and with no oil they won’t block pores. W3LL PEOPLE’s Altruist remains my firm favourite, the aloe, chamomile and green tea will help calm any irritation and skin will still retain a summer glow. Some mineral powders offer a high spf but I would recommend to still use a separate spf with this one as protection is minimal as it contains less of the minerals that do the protecting.

If you ‘glow’ a lot in the heat don’t fight it – you’ll continually be putting powder on which will start to cake and skin won’t look fresh. Oil blotters are your best friend in summer, keep in your bag and use to freshen up skin whenever you need to. They’ll remove excess oil and shine without removing make-up. If you do want to reapply powder, blot well in between applications and it will look much better. Muji do great blotters.

A little glow is nice in the summer, you don’t want to look super matt anyway.

If you’re going out straight from work, give your skin a quick cleanse and do your base again rather than adding more, it will look and feel better.

Again for eyes, keep it lightweight and simple. Waterproof mascara is a good option when it’s really hot but a lot harder to find in the natural world. Beauty Without Cruelty have reformulated their waterproof one, I’m yet to try it but could be worth a go. Otherwise in my kit I have cruelty free options such as the one from Marks and Spencer or B Make-up. The gel liner from M&S is great in the heat, it won’t budge.

If you’re keeping everything else pared down, bright lips are brilliant for lifting the complexion or brightening an outfit. Matt formulations will last longer but glosses are really easy to wear. Choose bright summer colours rather than browns or anything too nude.

To cool down, try keeping a nice toner in the fridge to spritz lightly over your face. A little mini water hydrosol could be nice to keep in your bag along with a mini fan – battery or traditional hand operated!



  1. 25th July 2013 / 7:12 pm

    SO beautiful Lou! Glad you’re enjoying our all natural Altruist Mineral Foundation! TIP: If you haven’t, try our Realist X Mineral Polish Powder as a primer for particularly muggy days. It combats excess oil and shine while minimizing pores!

    • loudartford
      26th July 2013 / 1:22 pm

      Great tip thank you very much – will give it a go for sure!

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