Get The Gloss – mineral make-up lesson at Content


A couple of weeks I gave Judy Johnson from Get The Gloss a make-up lesson at Content Beauty and Wellbeing. For anyone that doesn’t know Content, you need too! It is a wonderful shop in Marylebone that sells all things natural, organic and beauty. I have been working with Content for a while now and also stock a lot of my kit from there. It is the go-to place for the latest must-have products as well an excellent source of knowledge on nutrition and general wellbeing. Also not forgetting the lovely little treatment room downstairs for things like facials and acupuncture.

Back to Judy. Judy suffers from sensitive skin and has a regular column called Sense and Sensitivity on Get The Gloss. Many of the ingredients in ‘regular’ make-up can cause havoc with sensitivities, that’s not to say that natural ingredients can’t either – anyone can be sensitive to anything. However, many of the natural and organic brands will have had many of the typical irritants removed such as synthetic preservatives and fillers. Natural mineral make-up can therefore be a good option for sensitive skin, especially when they tend to have lots of lovely organic skin friendly ingredients added in as well. We wanted to show Judy what the natural and organic brands could do for her sensitive skin. She is also not shy of colour so I made sure we did some colourful make-up on her too, in the form of a blue smokey eye. Judy was a real pleasure to make up click here to read what she thought of us!


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