Get the look – Never Underdressed


I loved doing the make-up for this Never Underdressed shoot. The theme was how to dress like a grown-up – lots of pencil skirts and nipped in waists. The clothes were very lady like with a retro edge, we decided to keep the hair and make-up cool and quite minimal instead of going down the traditional retro route.

After prepping Maddie’s skin I used Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation as a lightweight base, this gave her skin a lovely luminous glow. (It can sometimes be too shiny on some skins – use your fingers to make sure you blend it into the skin well. A dusting of powder can help to set it and give it a more velvet finish – rms ‘un’ powder is great.)

photo (63)

On her eyes I used OCC cream colour in Trick all over the lids, I then set that with a powder Couleur Caramel eyeshadow which I intensified along the socket line and swept along the bottom lashes too. I added more definition with a darker shade in the corners. I used a little bit of Vapour’s Trick Stick on the inner corners to brighten the eyes. I strengthened the brows with Jane Iredale’s Bitty Brow.

After powdering the skin, I used Tromborg’s blusher in Vintage to add a gentle contour. On the lips I just used a balm.

Simple but gorgeous.

Here’s the full story if you would like to see…. Photographer – Gunnar Tufta


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