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Less Is MoreNow I don’t normally write about hair products, I’m not big on hair maintenance.. I get it cut regularly but I’m just a wash and go kind of girl. I dry the fringe but the rest I leave, I’ve always had a wave to my hair so I just kind of curl it with my fingers and hope for the best. However during Organic September I vowed to try some new organic haircare.

I’ve dabbled a lot with organic brands but they weren’t really doing anything for me. I’d find one that worked for a couple of weeks but then it would weigh my hair down. Or I’d find one that made my hair reasonably nice but my scalp didn’t like it. I was using brands because they were natural, not because they were doing anything for my hair.

My hair had also been all over the place after having a baby. While pregnant it was thick and bouncy but then a few months after giving birth, it fell out by the handful and to top it of, it was really greasy. I had one patch that was greasy literally as soon as I washed it. My collection of half used shampoo bottles was building up around my shower.. my bank balance wasn’t appreciating it either.

THEN I found Less Is More. When shooting for Volt Cafe’s Organic Beauty Project, the hairstylists were trying it and they were impressed so I thought I’d try it too. The range was started in Vienna by hairstylist Hannes Trummer and chemist Doris Brandhuber. It is a professional line but made using only natural ingredients obtained from renewable sources and organic where possible. The shampoos are sulfate free and everything is quickly and completely biodegradable.

Since I started using the range my hair feels full and bouncy. I don’t have thick hair, in fact quite fine, but it’s got body now and the wave has been revived. I’m using the Aloe Mint Volume Shampoo which is for fine to normal & oily hair. It’s really refreshing on the scalp and leaves it feeling clean and refreshed – no more sticky patches and no flaking, which is something I’ve always suffered from. I can also get away with leaving it for longer between washes.


I’m using the Aloe Mint Volume Conditioner as well which is really great too. I was starting to shy away from conditioners as they were weighing my hair down but then it was getting frizzy and flyaway. This nourishes but certainly doesn’t weigh it down. The Tangerine Curl Balm is a lightweight leave in conditioner come styling cream that works well for my hair too. The Herbal Tonic is a leave-in treatment that my hair and scalp both like as well. As I said before my scalp is often irritated but this tonic seems to help it, it’s also great for strengthening hair so I imagine great for a lot of people.

All the products smell amazing and are lovely to use. They’re not cheap, around £22 for a 200ml bottle, but once you find a great shampoo that works for your hair, I think it’s worth it. I never thought I’d say that, but the money I spent trying different products exceeded that anyway, and was definitely money down the plug hole. If you’ve got the right products for your hair, it makes everything quicker and easier. I’m a hair product convert!

Anyone else tried the range?





  1. ED
    27th November 2015 / 10:25 am

    Not tried this but I can definitely recommend hair products by Santé, the shampoo is the best value for money!

    • Louise
      27th November 2015 / 8:19 pm

      Thanks for the recommendation – will check it out!

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