Green Beauty and Brexit…

Blogging about beauty seems quite shallow at the moment, given the uncertainty we’re all facing after Brexit. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all political on you, but it’s felt slightly wrong instagramming images of eyeliner while the future of our nation is in the balance.

We are in a very strange situation. The UK has been divided, while some are happy at our apparent new found freedom, others are bewildered, hurt and scared. I know I felt upset when I heard the news that we had voted to leave the EU. It really saddened me, more so than I ever felt it would. We were given the vote whether we wanted it or not. I know lots of people that voted in, myself included, but I also know those who voted out. No-one is to blame for anything (not us the general public anyway), everyone did what they thought was best for them and their families. No-one knows what will happen financially, socially, politically or environmentally, only time will tell. Which ever way we voted, we’re in this together.

I think we’re all watching and waiting along with the rest of the world, trying to make sense of everything as it starts to play out. Everyone has specific concerns relating to their own personal situation. An environmental point of view is one that does affect everyone whether they think about it or not, but one that perhaps got put to the wayside during the campaigning. I’m certainly no expert, but it does worry me. I know that many of the laws that protect things like our wildlife and countryside come from the EU. I also know that some of the people in government don’t believe in things like man-made climate change but do believe in things like fracking and non-bee friendly neonicotinoids. Possibly not a good combination going forward.

While most stuff is far out of our control, there are things we can do in terms of the environment. I like to think I’ve been living a green lifestyle but actually I think I can do way more. (Starting with addressing the amount of plastic that enters our house, our recycling box seems to have doubled in size – an almost two year old with a love of yoghurt doesn’t help..) I am a member of The Soil Association and Friends of the Earth but maybe now paying a subscription and signing petitions just isn’t enough. Look out for me in your local high street with a bill board 😉 Jesting aside, this really has got me fired up and I feel the need to do more. Let’s turn this upheaval into a positive and see if we can make a difference. Personally and collectively, we need to keep the green movement active and vocal in the UK. (Some great reading here for ways to get involved).

So back to the shallow beauty blogging – I actually believe there has never been a better time to choose green beauty. Supporting green brands will in turn support green causes like the plight of the bees, and therefore help the environment. Consumers can speak volumes with their wallets – I know most of us will be watching ours but we can spend wisely.

But how could Brexit affect green beauty here in the UK? No-one can answer that yet and probably won’t be able to for a while. However we need to remember things like it was EU laws that abolished animal testing for cosmetic use but also banned certain chemicals from our cosmetics. We need to ensure the UK keeps such laws (how I don’t know!!) We also need to ensure that the UK continues to support organic farming; essential for green beauty, it can also contribute to our health and helps to protect our countryside and wildlife – that we can all do by buying organic as and when we can. Another thought I had was that many of the lovely green brands available here are from across Europe, let’s hope that any new trade laws don’t have a negative effect on that. So politics can affect our beauty regimes. We need to make our beauty regimes affect politics.

Not much is in our hands but that what is, let’s make it count. Let’s make responsible choices in our purchases, choose brands that are doing good. In times of previous trouble and economic downturn, lipstick sales have gone up. An easier purchase than something like a dress and an instant pick-me-up. With our uncertain future, let’s make sure that lipstick is organic!! 😉

These are just my thoughts. Nothing may change, there could even be positive change – we can hope. I’m going to carry on flying the green beauty flag and up the anti with the green living. Whatever future we have I’d like it to be a green one.

What do you think?



  1. 30th June 2016 / 7:10 pm

    A great post Lou. I totally agree with you, it is a worrying time and there are many potential issues and you have raised so many good and valid points. Fingers crossed – I’ll do my share of blackboard carrying with you 😉
    L x

  2. Louise
    5th July 2016 / 8:45 am

    Thanks for reading Laura and glad you agree 🙂 we’ll run off and join Greenpeace together!! x

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