New blog – The Lip Liberation

So I have a new blog (obviously got far too much time on my hands!!) called The Lip Liberation. This is something that I’ve actually been meaning to do, literally for years. I find to-do lists and ideas for it from years back, I apparently signed up to Twitter for it in 2012 and I think I registered the name further back than that, the idea definitely came a while ago. One thing or another has got in the way but it has always been at the back of my mind, so I’ve finally done it.

So what is it and how is it different to this blog? As a make-up artist I have found that one of the most common questions asked – on jobs and from friends – is why are my lips so dry? When I ask questions back, I find that most people are using something petroleum based – this will NOT help dry lips!! It will feel nice granted, but in the long run it just leads to a cycle of constant application. I’m then always asked what should they be using instead, to which I reply with my current favourite balm with GOOD ingredients. I’d still find my friends dipping their fingers into pots of Vaseline though and they’d still have dry lips!! So I decided I needed to spread the word and free some lips!! With the rise and rise of clean beauty, it is getting better now but I just needed to get The Lip Liberation out of my system. At the moment it will just be a weekly post either about an ingredient or a review of my latest favourite lip product. This blog will continue as normal – a mix of all things green beauty, still of course some lip stuff so there will be a bit of a cross over; I just didn’t want to bombard this one with lip content. I’ve also been dabbling in making my own lip balms – again been on the list for I don’t know how long – but better late than never.

I hope you enjoy both blogs – any comments or suggestions for either very welcome! đŸ™‚



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