Product of the month – Vapour Organic Beauty Skin Perfecting Primer

I have been a long standing fan of Vapour Organic Beauty for years and their products have been staples in my kit for just as long. However these last few weeks I have renewed my love for their Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecting Primer. This has been in my kit for ages and I’ve always loved it, but over fashion week I couldn’t get enough of it! We used it for most of my shows to give the girls a lovely luminosity. It is also amazing mixed into foundations to give them extra glow. One particularly favourite mix is with Kjaer Weis’ Cream Foundation – these two go together beautifully.

For anyone who hasn’t tried it before, the primer is like an extension of your skincare and can be used on its own or underneath your foundation. I remember it being described as the original organic BB cream, and that it is. With 70% organic ingredients and 30% minerals and essential oils, it will nourish and help to protect skin while smoothing texture and diffusing lines. I have the Soft Focus pump formulation in my kit which is geared towards a normal to combination and oily skin. There is a Luminous Stick which is for drier or more mature skins and will give a slightly different finish, both are fine for sensitivity. Both are great, it is just about trying the textures and seeing what works for you. I prefer the more fluid texture in my kit as I find it a bit more workable and as I said above, brilliant for mixing. You don’t need a lot of product at all, warm it up with your fingers and gently work it into your skin. If it feels slightly oily to the touch, work it in a little more. Give it a minute to settle, then carry on with the rest of your make-up.

There are three shades each designed to enhance different skintones. The 902 is for light to medium tones with pink or neutral undertones, it also great for those with redness. The 903 is for medium to dark tones with red, olive and neutral undertones. The 904 is great for darker skins with any undertones, it also great for anyone who is quite sallow as it will brighten. The 904 is great for a kit as it can be used on most skintones.

Mine is now currently residing between my kit and my personal make-up bag  – my complexion certainly needs a little enhancing at the moment!

I actually just found this review on it that I wrote back in 2012!! the review – vapour organic beauty sratus soft focus instant skin perfector  It seems I was a big fan back then too!

Does anyone else use it?


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