Hayfever eyes..

I’m actually tweaking this post from 2013, which is the year after I started getting hayfever. I never suffered from it before then, but I suddenly developed it. I hear this a lot – more and more people are starting to suffer with it; I don’t think living and working in London helps. Mine seems to vary from year to year but every time it is my eyes that suffer. They run, itch and puff up 🙁 I still wear make-up though, it definitely helps their appearance and helps how I’m feeling – trust me, bare-eyed would not be good!

So here are a few of my tips to get make-up to help you through the hayfever season…

  • Keep make-up simple.
  • Avoid light shimmery eyeshadows as they will highlight puffy lids. Go for matter colours in mid to darker tones. Avoid browns that have any kind of red in them, as these can make your eyes look tired and bring out any redness you might already have.
  • A dark matt liner along the top of the lash line can help to knock back the puffiness and give your eyes some definition. If black is too harsh, try a grey or a neutral dark brown. A good matt eyeshadow is also good to use for a softer line. Smudge a little bit on the bottom outer corners as well if you need some definition.
  • A nude or cream pencil drawn along your inner lower rim can help to brighten eyes and counter against any redness. You can also use white but nude colours will be softer and less stark.
  • Chances are if you’re suffering with your eyes, you’ve got dark circles underneath them too. No matter how much sleep you get, they’re probably not going to shift if an allergy is the problem. A good concealer is what is needed here. I did a post a little while ago on how to cover them – I wrote this post back in 2013 too but it is still relevant. (Made me chuckle about giving up tea and upping my greens – still working on that one!! ;))
  • At the end of the day make sure that you are removing your make-up properly, I try and do it as soon as I get home. Any niggly bits of mascara left over night can irritate your eyes even more. Use an effective but gentle eye make-up remover. Choose something with cornflower, chamomile or eyebright to help soothe further.

Now drumroll please…. let’s welcome back Betty! 🙂 She has had a looong holiday but she is back and this time has hayfever…..


Do you suffer with hayfever? What are your favourite make-up tips?


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