I like to think I know a bit about natural and organic beauty, but this doesn’t always mean that the products are vegan. Lots of natural brands will contain beeswax especially in products like lipsticks and lip balms. A lot of colour products will also contain carmine, indeed probably a lot of products in my… View Post

There isn’t much about skincare that Pedro Catalá doesn’t know. He qualified as a pharmacist almost twenty years ago, then went onto study a post graduate diploma in botany at the University of Valencia, which inspired his love of plants in medicine especially skincare. This led to a master’s degree in the Science and Technology of… View Post

I’ve been a fan of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap for a looong time now – I can’t actually remember who introduced me to the brand or when it happened either. However I do know it has been a staple in my household for a while. I met Michael Bronner, grandson of the legendary Dr Bronner,… View Post

Content Beauty & Wellbeing in London has been my go-to place for natural and organic beauty almost since my green beauty journey began about 8 years ago. A small boutique it may be, but that compact square footage is becoming more powerful than any large department store. The shelves are packed full of amazing products, that… View Post

A few months back I did a workshop with Clean Beauty Co and it was great. Dominika and Elsie who are behind the brand, showed us that making your own beauty products doesn’t have to be long winded or complicated. If you haven’t heard of Clean Beauty Co yet, here they are in their own… View Post