Last month saw Johnson & Johnson begin the job of switching their cotton buds from plastic to paper stems. The pharmaceutical giant has said that it will¬†prevent tens of thousands of tonnes of plastic reaching the seas. Wow – that is an awful lot of plastic coming from tiny little cotton buds?? It seems crazy… View Post

When applying make-up I’m definitely hands on – I like to use a lot of creamy products so the warmth of my fingers helps with the application. I also love to use brushes as well though, the right brush can make everything so much easier. When I teach make-up I always say to the students… View Post

  March’s product of the month is Alima Pure’s Precision Angle Brush. It is one of the few brushes that I use personally on a day-to-day basis, and I couldn’t be without it. I didn’t realise how reliant my make-up was on it, until a certain little person decided to steal and hide it. It… View Post

Whether you’re home or abroad, it can be hard to keep skin looking fresh in the heat. Healthy skin is not naturally matt so a glow is good, but it can be a fine line between a glow and excess shine; especially if you’re attending summer events where there is flash photography. What looks like… View Post