Happy Halloween!! It’s the last day of October which means November tomorrow, and with that brings World Vegan Day but also World Vegan Month for the rest of the month. I’m a long standing veggie – 25 years plus – although for the last few years I’ve dabbled in a bit of fish so I guess… View Post

I first came across Nourish London skincare a few years back when I was working a day in Content. My mum had asked me to get her a moisturiser that wasn’t too expensive. Of course I wanted to get her a decent one that ticked all of my checklist, but it can be hard to… View Post

Throughout Kirsten Kjaer Weis’s career as a make-up artist she found that so many of her clients were having allergies to beauty products. The fact that this was acceptable seemed crazy to her, also the fact that these were only short term effects – what about the long term affects of using these products? Growing… View Post

There are so many amazing green beauty brands these days, the choice has never been better. It can actually be hard to keep up with what is out there. I’ve got favourites that have been in my kit for a while, and I’ve also got gems in there that I’ve forgotten about. I’m currently giving it… View Post

I get asked all the time by clients and other make-up artists what my favourite green brands are, Vapour is always on the list. They were definitely one of the game changers for my kit – I remember when Imelda at Content Beauty started to stock them, it was sooo exciting. Their Atmosphere Soft Focus… View Post