I’ve been wanting to shoot a lip story for ages, and I’ve also been wanting to shoot for Untainted, so when I saw that their new issue was ‘A Feast For Gluttony’, I knew I had to make it happen! There is always some kind of statistic floating around about how much lipstick the average… View Post

I had a revelation last week about eyeshadow. I’ve decided that it makes my eyes look bigger, more defined and generally better – I know I know, I should know that!! As a make-up artist I put eyeshadow on other people a lot, and I talk about it and recommend it all the time. However,… View Post

As the nights draw in, one make-up trend that never dates during this season is dark lips. They were every where on the autumn/winter fashion shows, and flick through any glossy magazine and you’ll find a fair few too. If you’re thinking that you can’t wear a darker lip then stop there – there are… View Post

Apparently we are not getting enough shut-eye these. and according to a recent article in The Guardian – “the shorter you sleep, the shorter your life”. Mmm not looking good for me.. there is definitely not enough sleep going on in our house!! Luckily there are some lovely beauty products that can help give the… View Post

It is always such a pleasure to do Birdy’s make-up 🙂 and it was lovely working with her again on Tuesday for the BFI gala to kick off their London Film Festival. She looked incredible in her stunning blue dress. Birdy has the most gorgeous alabaster skin and doesn’t need much foundation at all. I… View Post