Can you believe we’re two months into summer – like the rest of the year it seems to be racing away. Hopefully you’ve got lots of lovely things planned before autumn gets here!! (Autumn is actually my favourite season so I don’t mind too much.) If you’re going away and looking for inspiration of what… View Post

I’ve been a fan of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap for a looong time now – I can’t actually remember who introduced me to the brand or when it happened either. However I do know it has been a staple in my household for a while. I met Michael Bronner, grandson of the legendary Dr Bronner,… View Post

My poor old hands, and when I say old – they look old, much older than what they are. We use our hands for pretty much everything and they are exposed to so much. Cold weather, sun damage, constant washing, hands in dirty dishes, bath water and housework; all taking their toll on our hard… View Post