I had the real pleasure of making up the gorgeous Nell Hudson for You Magazine a few weeks back. The shoot was to coincide with the return of the fabulous Victoria to our screens on Sunday nights – Nell plays Victoria’s dresser. If you haven’t seen it yet (why not?!) then you’re in for a… View Post

If our eyes be the window to our soul then we must frame them properly 😉 Good brows can make such a difference, they really do frame our eyes and the rest of our face – they can complete a look and bring everything together. Good brows can also add youth 🙂 Not so good brows… View Post

This is from a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago and is part of an ongoing series of new models from Elite Models by my photographer friend, Sarah Cresswell. The girl in this shot is Alesya Kafelnikova, and she was cool. She has the most amazing skin and green eyes. I prepped Aleysa’s… View Post