Choosing a foundation colour can be quite tricky, especially if buying in a department store as the lighting can be so rubbish. I don’t know why but sooo many brands – conventional and green – make their base colours pink. It frustrates me so much because they don’t actually work on that many people. Yellow… View Post

September just kind of came and went, I feel like I spent most of it in a sleepless haze thanks to a certain two year old not sleeping. A lot of my #makeupmonday tips came much later in the week but they did come and here is a little round up. I hope they are… View Post

Last month I hosted a second make-up masterclass at Content Beauty, here are some tips from the evening – Glowing skin will never go out of fashion and it is something everyone can achieve. The first step to natural flawless skin is good skincare, getting into a good regime will really help your make-up as… View Post

This week I have two new foundation crushes.  The first is W3LL PEOPLE’s Altruist Mineral Powder foundation which is a surprise as I have never been a huge fan of mineral powders, I like to work more with cream formulations for me and in my kit.  I have tried mineral powders on me and at first… View Post

The best place to apply make-up in my flat is in the kitchen.  I’ve more often than not got a few of everything on the go – all in the name of research I might add.  My kitchen table has therefore become a mecca of all kinds of delights.  Lucky girl I know, however make-up… View Post