If our eyes be the window to our soul then we must frame them properly 😉 Good brows can make such a difference, they really do frame our eyes and the rest of our face – they can complete a look and bring everything together. Good brows can also add youth 🙂 Not so good brows… View Post

I found this post I wrote for an online magazine 6 years ago – all still relevant today! The Organic Pharmacy and Weleda are still going strong and still on my favourites list 🙂 The green revolution is getting stronger! 🙂 What do you think makes a product green?

I’ve been ‘greening’ my kit for sometime now. Make-up has been much harder to switch than skincare, and indeed is still work in progress for my kit. We’re getting there though; I would say the last five years have seen such an improvement in organic and natural make-up. The colour choices and textures have become… View Post

Have I said before that I like blusher? Well now I really like blusher – it works wonders after just a few hours sleep, which thanks to my 4 month old daughter is what I’m averaging most nights at the moment! (Hence the lack of posts… ) I’ve always been a fan of cream blushers… View Post

Last month I hosted a second make-up masterclass at Content Beauty, here are some tips from the evening – Glowing skin will never go out of fashion and it is something everyone can achieve. The first step to natural flawless skin is good skincare, getting into a good regime will really help your make-up as… View Post