(Photography – Mike Blackett,┬áMake-up – Me) Is summer finally here?! We can hope ­čÖé┬áThe warmer days are fighting through for sure, however as the temperature rises, what does it do for our complexions..┬áHeat and make-up do not always go hand in hand, so how do we stay looking fresh during a heatwave? Many brands will… View Post

Throughout Kirsten Kjaer Weis’s career as a make-up artist she found that so many of her clients were having allergies to beauty products. The fact that this was acceptable seemed crazy to her, also the fact that these were only short term effects – what about the long term affects of using these products? Growing… View Post

The power of a red lip is incredible. It can brighten a face in an instant, transform any outfit and is sure to get you noticed. Application is key though, here are a few steps to ensure your red lip is perfect. Prep lips well, colour will not look good on rough, dry lips. When… View Post

I love working with the gorgeous Birdy. Last week she performed her new single on the ITV show ‘The Brits Are Coming’ and I had the pleasure of doing her make-up. Birdy has the most lovely alabaster skin which doesn’t require much work I must admit. I prep her skin by giving a gentle cleanse… View Post

Due to a young baby many things in my life have been neglected – my blog and my skin being two of them. So here I am resolving to give them both a little more attention!! If February is only going to get one post then I shall dedicate it to the one product that… View Post