I’m actually tweaking this post from 2013, which is the year after I started getting hayfever. I never suffered from it before then, but I suddenly developed it. I hear this a lot – more and more people are starting to suffer with it; I don’t think living and working in London helps. Mine seems to… View Post

At the end of June I started a new feature on my Instagram page. As well as lovely images from shoots and product recommendations I wanted to make my feed a bit more interesting. I’m a make-up artist and I love teaching people about make-up application. I’d been asked before to give more tips on social… View Post

Everyone is looking for the anti-ageing answer it seems – I include myself in that I must say. Green juices, fancy serums, yoga, the list can go on and on. Much of it is a healthy lifestyle that we can all adopt to some degree; however there are things we can do for an instant… View Post