I had the real pleasure of making up the gorgeous Nell Hudson for You Magazine a few weeks back. The shoot was to coincide with the return of the fabulous Victoria to our screens on Sunday nights – Nell plays Victoria’s dresser. If you haven’t seen it yet (why not?!) then you’re in for a… View Post

Summer is here – well kind of… the sun is certainly teasing us. Even without the sun, it has still been hot and muggy and this can be annoying for skin. Different seasons call for changes in our beauty routines for sure. If you’re not a double cleanser yet, then summer is the perfect time… View Post

My hands have turned into their usual winter selves – like those of an 80 year olds. So when I tried Nourish’s Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum on the back of one of them and it suddenly became soft and smooth, I had to take note and get it on my face pronto!! This serum is… View Post