A couple of weeks ago it was the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week and I managed to get along to Therapi Honey Skincare’s workshop. I’ve been a fan of the range for a long time now, so it was lovely to go along and learn a bit more about them. I must admit I… View Post

This is my new beauty story for Volt Cafe and Organic Beauty Week. All the skincare and make-up was organic or natural with organic ingredients. The glitter I used was biodegradeable, and I’ve been wanting to show it off for ages! I’m sure anyone who has worn make-up has experimented with glitter in the past.… View Post

Hopefully with Organic Beauty Week in full swing you are discovering, rediscovering and trying lots of new organic brands. There are so many amazing skincare brands that have been certified by the Soil Association, we are quite spoilt for choice now. The make-up side of things is a little less bountiful unfortunately. Organic make-up is definitely… View Post

I always remember one client I had, who on first meeting did not have great skin at all. I asked her what she was using, to which she replied wipes – I waited for more of an answer but nothing came, she was just using wipes. Ah, I said, skin condition explained. Yes, wipes definitely… View Post