Marieke Eyskoot has recently published an amazing book on sustainability. It is called DIT IS EEN GOEDE GIDS voor een duurzame lifestyle – This is a good guide for a sustainable lifestyle. It really is a beautiful book and covers all angles on sustainable living. My only issue is that it is published in Dutch and… View Post

Last month saw Johnson & Johnson begin the job of switching their cotton buds from plastic to paper stems. The pharmaceutical giant has said that it will prevent tens of thousands of tonnes of plastic reaching the seas. Wow – that is an awful lot of plastic coming from tiny little cotton buds?? It seems crazy… View Post

I always remember one client I had, who on first meeting did not have great skin at all. I asked her what she was using, to which she replied wipes – I waited for more of an answer but nothing came, she was just using wipes. Ah, I said, skin condition explained. Yes, wipes definitely… View Post

Can it really be September already?? It’s crazy to think that two thirds of the year have gone so quickly. I like September though, with the new school year starting, I’ve always thought of it as a good time to refresh things or start something new. The Soil Association have also established September as a… View Post

Wet wipes have always been a staple in my kit, there is no denying their usefulness. They get used for so many things – cleaning me, the kit, brushes. They also get swiped by stylists to clean shoes, photographers to clean sets, the list is endless. Now at home I’m going through a ridiculous amount –… View Post