Can you believe we’re two months into summer – like the rest of the year it seems to be racing away. Hopefully you’ve got lots of lovely things planned before autumn gets here!! (Autumn is actually my favourite season so I don’t mind too much.) If you’re going away and looking for inspiration of what… View Post

Summer is here – well kind of… the sun is certainly teasing us. Even without the sun, it has still been hot and muggy and this can be annoying for skin. Different seasons call for changes in our beauty routines for sure. If you’re not a double cleanser yet, then summer is the perfect time… View Post

A couple of weeks ago it was the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week and I managed to get along to Therapi Honey Skincare’s workshop. I’ve been a fan of the range for a long time now, so it was lovely to go along and learn a bit more about them. I must admit I… View Post

I LOVE this cream. I’ve been using it as a night time cream and my skin loves it too. It definitely feels more plump and radiant the next day. The cream is designed more for drier and mature skins, I’m not either, but my skin was lacking in something (sleep, nutrition, hydration.. the usual..) However… View Post

Summer is finally here, yes the weather is debatable, but it is great to be outdoors. Flowers are in bloom and bees are buzzing – well for the minute anyway. Bees have been here for thousands of years, living along side us providing an abundant of food with their fine art of pollination. However, we all… View Post